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Centerlab was founded in 1981 aiming to compete on the diagnosis products market, taking advantage of providing better services as a market opportunity. 
Within a new distribution concept, Centerlab improved deliveries, the quality of products and face-to-face sales contact. 
Bearing in mind this differential they managed to expand fast around Minas Gerais (MG), becoming in a short period of time the largest distribuitor within the state.
Taking this new phylosophy of praising clients into account, in 1987 Centerlab´s headquarter was established in its definite location in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state.
A better struture was obtained with the new location and its competitiveness grew establishing its leadership in the sector.
Nowadays, Centerlab has become one of the biggest companies in the sector, technically and scientifically specialized, departamentalized, highly tecnological and with a professional struture. 
Centerlab provides for the needs of clinical analysis and pathology laboratories keeping therefore on-line affiliates in Vitória (ES) and Belo Horizonte (MG).
It´s one of the most modern companies in the sector, technologically advantaged and innovative with a qualified professional team.

Who we are
Not by chance we are the leaders in the market. 
We have the country’s best professional team and the best technology to better assist our clients. 
Our advanced IT makes sure that our web and phone sells are made online with product confirmation, client’s history verification and immediate order authorization. 
Personal visits assure the best relation with our partners that guarantees an individual customer service of high professionalism.
Presently we are focused in our services, hence, our highly trained technical and scientific advisers deliver us security and the necessary support to all of our clients.
Since 1981, we have been distributing the best and highly esteemed clinical laboratory products through our strong partnerships established with large suppliers.
With our eyes in this fast growing and demanding market, we are proud to have a highly efficient logistic, valuing security and agility of our products’ delivery, being able to serve our clients in up to 24 hours, always following the Good Performances Distribution.
Those actions make us the best company in the diagnosis sector. 
Those actions makes us your best partner!
Centerlab, since its foundation, has always taken good quality, trust and a good customer service into consideration.
"We consider people our greatest asset", said our founder, explaining that the people are the ones responsible for the sucess of the business.
Our tradition is to assist our clients personally and we focus our atention and respect on clients, invest and motivate our staff, therefore perfectly interacting with our suppliers. Since we belive in and praise the human being.
We feel more than obliged to assist our partners' needs, wich is our major mission and reason to be proud of. 
Taking this philosophy into consideration, the company has grown on a daily basis, developing its work in a grateful.